Children’s Promise Centers is proud to announce that we were recently awarded 4 stars by the FOCUS pilot program

This program, developed by the Children, Youth and Families Department, is intended to support and cultivate positive outcomes for all children. The program is defined by high standards in several areas: curriculum planning, Health and Safety practices, Continuous Improvement and Early childhood education. While this list is not comprehensive, it does touch on some of the factors that have gone into this decision, and gives an idea of the high standard we charge our teachers and staff to uphold.

Children’s Promise Centers is especially proud of this accomplishment, as we were one of the first ten childcare centers to be verified and awarded 4 stars in the State of New Mexico under this new system. This distinction is just one of the many factors that set Children’s Promise Centers apart from other childcare and early education centers. For more information on the FOCUS pilot program, and what that means for childcare centers in the State of New Mexico, please go to the following website: