Teachers and staff who are fully engaged in providing a nurturing environment

When entrusting the care of your youngest children to a childcare center, it can be a stressful experience. At Children’s Promise Center, we offer state of the art childcare to even the smallest of children, ages 6 weeks to 12 months. Our loving teachers and staff are concerned with nothing but the well being of each child, and are fully engaged in providing a nurturing environment all while fostering social, emotional, physical and spiritual development. This is achieved by adhering to a personalized baby care schedule, tailored to each infant’s needs. The infants all eat, sleep and play when their bodies signal that particular need, rather than eat, sleep and play on a structured schedule for the whole group. This allows our teachers and staff to really get to know your infant and engage with them in a quality way.

Just like our other programs, our Infant program is focused on a Christ- centered, love-motivated and well-structured environment. Some of the features you will find in our childcare center include a low teacher to child ratio, well educated and caring teachers, a safe and secure facility located in a quiet neighborhood, a nurturing environment, and developmentally appropriate areas for each age group.