Learning New Skills And Gaining Independence

With a Socio-Emotional Focus, Our
Play-Rich Curriculum Nurtures Growth

Learning New Skills And Gaining Independence

With a Socio-Emotional Focus, Our Play-Rich Curriculum Nurtures Growth

Toddler | 1 - 2 Year | Serving Albuquerque NM

two children with puzzle at childcare serving Albuquerque NM

Your Child’s Wholesome

Our teaching team greets your precious toddler with love and warmth every day. You can be sure your child will learn, play, and grow in a joyful and peaceful environment.

Safely Running, Jumping,
And More Outdoors

Your child will spend time outside every day, enjoying the grassy green playground under the protective shade of the trees. We have play structures suitable for smaller bodies, so your toddler can practice climbing in a safe setting.

Personalized Learning
Plans Match Your
Child’s Pace And Abilities

Our teachers build upon your child’s knowledge so that they are always taking the natural next step in their learning at their own pace. Teachers get to know your child and personalize a lesson plan that allows for freedom and creativity through authentic play.

Daily Music and Weekly KidFit Are Learning Enrichments

KidFit is a weekly addition to our curriculum that teaches your child healthy habits through exercise and learning about the body and nutrition. Music is practiced daily in our classroom with joyful singing, dancing, and homemade instruments.

Teaching Lasting Positive
Socio-Emotional Skills

Our teachers respond to your toddler’s big feelings with compassion and empathy. Helping your child understand their feelings teaches them self-awareness as they begin to regulate their own emotions and behavior.

Instill Good Values With Bible Songs And Stories

Songs and stories lay a foundation for Bible-inspired values so that your little learner develops good character. They learn the importance of faith and prayer as they say grace before meals and give thanks throughout the day.
Instill Good Values With Bible Songs And Stories

We Give Daily Updates And
Go The Extra Mile For You

Teachers use the Procare© app to share sweet pictures, silly videos, and classroom observations with you. Going the extra mile means that if your child needs extra help, like speech or behavioral therapy, we can provide on-site supports.

What Our Parents Have To Say

My grandchildren have been at Children's Promise Centers for over 3 years now and I must say, it is the most professional center we have visited (but also the lowest cost). I truly love the "peace" we feel when picking up or dropping them off and the comfort we have for their security and safety. We are pleased that the staff interacts with all ages and has an educational program starting with the infants. And how nice to have the kids in a quiet, grass and tree residential neighborhood.

- Ed Cook

GREAT staff!! We as parents love it, and most importantly our kids love it. We highly recommend this to all of our friends and family that are looking for a daycare provider!!!

- Craig Buster

I am so happy that we found this daycare! The teachers are all so amazing. I know they genuinely love and care for my children as if they were their own.

- Holley Spears

Trust Us With Your Most Precious Creation