a community of support for your family

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children's promise

We are a community of support. We believe in encouraging each other in every area and stage of life and as such provide the support that families need to connect with a community.

why we're different

an emphasis on quality care

quality programming

a supportive community

prioritizing health

We are passionate about providing high quality programming with an emphasis on “doing everything with excellence”.

Connections within the community allow for a lot of community engagement that creates a neighborhood of support. Our community events and parents’ night outs are open to all.

We offer healthy meals throughout the day and night at both of our locations. Additionally, we prioritize the physical and emotional safety and security of your family.

At Alvarado, our property is fenced and only families that have access can open the gate and locked main door into the lobby as well as the locked doors to the classrooms. Our playground is behind a second secured privacy fence that only staff have access to. All building windows have been upgraded to be shatterproof as well as bulletproof with one way viewing so that they cannot be seen inside of them. Anyone that is not an authorized pick up or staff member must be escorted by a staff member beyond the lobby. Video cameras that can be viewed by admin and in the lobby also use AI technology to notify us if someone approaches any of our doors or property. Lastly, we have regular security guard drivebys and immediate response when needed.

Our Eastridge location is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood away from traffic and busy streets. We have privacy fences around all playgrounds which are locked and only staff know the code to get out. Our front door is a secured door that only family members with key fobs can enter. If someone doesn’t have a key fab, they must be let in by a staff member.  Additionally, anyone that is not an authorized pick up or staff member must be escorted by a staff member beyond the lobby.

safety is important to us


northeast heights

hear from our families

"GREAT staff!! We as parents love it, and most importantly our kids love it. We highly recommend this to all of our friends and family that are looking for a daycare provider!!!"

- Craig Buster

Amazing directors/staff (for the most part). Very accommodating /flexible. Great curriculum focused on the development of the children. I love how welcoming and open they are to and with the parents. Facility is beautiful and safe. Trusted with my whole life, literally! 10/10 recommend this daycare to everyone.

- Emmy Garcia

My grandchildren have been at Children's Promise Centers for over 3 years now and I must say, it is the most professional center we have visited (but also the lowest cost). I truly love the "peace" we feel when picking up or dropping them off and the comfort we have for their security and safety. We are pleased that the staff interacts with all ages and has an educational program starting with the infants. And how nice to have the kids in a quiet, grass and tree residential neighborhood.

- Ed Cook