Nurturing Learning Through Play In A Peaceful Setting

6 weeks through 18 months – Moved up when 1 year old and developmentally ready

what to expect from us

more than just daycare

We provide an encouraging and collaborative environment for all families. Let us know how we can support your family and we will do our best to provide that care.

breast feeding and formula support

Fun and Safe Playground for daily Fresh Air

We Work With You And Match Your Home Routine

We will support breast feeding to the best of our ability including allowing you to come in to feed your baby on breaks if you would like. For those who are not breast feeding we do provide a house formula at no charge. Transitioning to food? We work with you to introduce foods to your infant in the safest and healthiest ways. All baby food is provided onsite at no charge to you.

We strive to get all children outside daily regardless of their age. In the infant room, outside play can often be determined by the weather. We provide a safe space for your baby to lay comfortably on a blanket outside to get some fresh air. We also encourage supervised exploring once they become mobile.

Using the communication app, you will know when your baby had a diaper change, nap, or bottle. Teachers work closely with you to establish a unique schedule that follows your baby’s natural rhythms and home routine. Our teachers will work with you to decide on the next steps to support your child in development and document that through the weekly lesson plans.


Individualized lesson plans meet infants where they are and help them develop further in social emotional (through positive care giver relationships), gross & fine motor skills, and healthy eating from bottles to transitioning to solids.

individualized development and learning

social emotional development

All teachers participate in a social emotional development program to start implementing strategies in aiding the development of children in social emotional development through Conscious Discipline.

individualized development and learning

education standards

The New Mexico Early Learning guidelines are utilized for lesson planning and helping children develop to the best of their ability while meeting them where they are at. 

individualized development and learning

encouraging development

Learning and growing through play every day – our teachers observe and play with your baby to encourage their development. Exercises like tummy time, grasping toys, and encouraging movement help your baby progress both cognitively and physically so they are intentionally implemented through weekly lesson planning.

individualized development and learning

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