Learning New Skills And Gaining Independence

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With a socio-emotional focus, our play-rich curriculum nurtures growth. We provide an encouraging and collaborative environment for all families. Let us know how we can support your family and we will do our best to provide that care.

healthy food for your child

Fun and Safe Playground for daily Fresh Air

Your Child’s Wholesome Home-Away-From-Home

We will provide meals and snacks that meet the USDA guidelines for children if they are in attendance at the time it is served. All children participating in our food programs have family-style meals regardless of outside factors. 

We strive to get all children outside daily regardless of their age. In the toddler room, children go outside to play year-round. Length of time outside will be determined by the weather and children’s needs.

Our teaching team greets your precious toddler with love and warmth every day. You can be sure your child will learn, play, and grow up in a joyful and peaceful environment.

tailored toddler routines

real-time updates about your child

Your Child’s developmental support

Routines are important to children of all ages. They help them know what to expect as well as what is expected of them. Therefore, this room works to transition your child to the classroom routine with set mealtimes and an afternoon nap.

We like to make sure you stay updated! Using the communication app, you will know when your child had a diaper change, nap, or meals. 

Our teachers will work with you to decide on the next steps to support your child in development and document that through the weekly lesson plans.

a schedule to count on

We do our best to support routines. With our program, children are transitioned at this age to a set schedule that has set meal and nap times as a group. 

tailored lesson plans for toddlers

Individualized lesson plans meet toddlers where they are and help them develop further in social emotional (through positive care giver relationships), gross & fine motor skills, and healthy family style meals.

social emotional development

All teachers participate in a social emotional development program to start implementing strategies in aiding the development of children in social emotional learning through Conscious Discipline.

education standards

The New Mexico Early Learning guidelines are utilized for lesson planning and helping children develop to the best of their ability while meeting them where they are at. 

learning through play

Our teachers observe and play with your toddler to encourage their development. Exercises like introducing small group time, story time and family mealtime are taught and help your toddler progress both cognitively and physically, so they are intentionally implemented through weekly lesson planning.

a compassionate environment

Our teachers respond to your toddler’s big feelings with compassion and empathy. Helping your child understand their feelings teaches them self-awareness as they begin to regulate their own emotions and behavior.

individualized development and learning

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Going the extra mile means that if your child needs extra help, like speech or behavioral therapy, we can work with you to provide on-site support.

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